The raw, natural and naked cubes you love now
come in 100% home compostable packaging. 

Home compost friendly • Plant-based • Sustainably-sourced • No toxic residues
No fossil fuels • Proudly Australian-made • GMO free • Vincotte Certified

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Home compostable packaging?
What's that?

Glad you asked, because it’s rawesome.

Home compostable packaging is made from nature, returns to nature, and improves nature - leaving no trace.

It’s made from safe, plant-based materials that are sustainably sourced, free from fossil fuels, GMOs and toxic residues.

And the best part is, after you’ve devoured your delicious snack, you can simply throw the wrapper in your backyard compost heap.

Happy tum, happy worms, happy planet.

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 mmmore benefits for the earth

The great thing about compost is that it nourishes soil, plants and humans in turn - so we’re pretty chuffed our wrappers can pitch in.

They start breaking down in a matter of days with the help of friendly microbes, and you won’t find a trace after 26 weeks.

Made from natural materials like sustainably grown eucalyptus, our wrappers are free from toxic inks, glues and residues and
won’t leach chemicals into the environment. Perfect compost fodder.

P.S. If the worst occurs and our packaging does end up in landfill or the ocean, it will still break down - just like it’s meant to. 


You’ve probably come across ‘eco-friendly’ packaging options like biodegradable and recyclable, increasingly popular as we wake up to waste.

Unfortunately, they’re still not all that flash for the planet.

‘Biodegradable’ can be applied to anything that breaks down… even if it takes 1000 years. Compostable is by definition biodegradable, but not everything labelled ‘biodegradable’ is compostable.

As well as that, ‘biodegradable’ items aren’t necessarily made from ethical materials, and may contain small bits of metal and toxins that leach into the environment.

And as for recycling? We’re all for it. But truth be told, it’s an energy-intensive process - and items often end up in landfill anyway.

For all these reasons, we’re rapt with home compostable.


 mmmore taste, zero waste

There are no offcuts in the process of crafting our goodies (seriously, can you *imagine* wasting something so delicious?),
 we create no food waste, and support zero-waste cafes in the cause.

As people, we aim to live thoughtful, environmentally-friendly lives, bringing joy and happiness
through food while being conscious of our footprint. In growing our business, we refuse to settle for cheap,
single-use plastics and instead champion all things sustainable.

It may cost us a little more, but it’s a priceless vote for the planet.

so, that's how we're keeping MMMORE raw teats good for you, your tum,
your bum and your skeptical mum... and the planet, too!
Thanks for your amazing support


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