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Gifting is sorted with MMMORE Giving

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift.

What to get that person who has everything? How do you show someone you love them without sending red roses or sugary treats… again? And why do gift hampers always come with so much flouncy plastic packaging?

At MMMORE, we think the best gift tastes good, feels good and does good.(Because isn’t it weird that we celebrate loved ones with junk food and bits and pieces destined for landfill?)

Five beautiful gift boxes filled with ❤️

That’s why we created MMMORE Giving -- edible, ethical and extraordinarily sustainable gift boxes that say YOU’RE AWESOME like nothing else.

There’s one for the peanut butter lover in your life, bursting with five amazing flavours of PB from salted caramel and chocolate, to maple and coconut.

There’s a box chock-full of Power Cubes -- basically like going to the healthy snack aisle and saying, “I’ll take them all, please”. Whoever receives these 24 bod-nourishing treats will think all their Christmases have come at once.

There’s a Chocolate Everything box featuring fancy chili drinking chocolate, all the cacao-infused treats and a reusable cup made from coffee husks.

And more where that came from!

Giving sustainably

Besides the undeniable joy of gifts you can eat, our boxes are special for other reasons too.

 ✔ They’re curated to support local makers and conscious businesses, featuring our own handmade goodies plus artisan treats from companies who really care.

 ✔ They champion sustainability and waste-reduction, with home-compostable wrappers, reusable glass jars, recycled boxes and objects like coffee-husk keep cups that show just how gorgeous it is to be green. You can feel good about sending a zero-waste gift that loves the earth.

 ✔ They’re truly nourishing. Rather than rot your friend’s teeth or give them a belly ache, our gift boxes are wholesome yet decadent. Everyone from your wellness-savvy niece to your Kit-Kat addicted co-worker will say “yuuuuum!”.

 ✔ And finally, our gift boxes cost less than a bouquet of flowers and are five times more interesting. For all those ‘Get Well Soon’, ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Congratulations!’ or ‘How about a second date?’ moments, these edible displays of affection make an unexpected and truly thoughtful pressie. Each box features cute and quirky messages of goodwill to make the whole experience fun and memorable, plus you can add your own personalised card.


Don’t miss the Christmas cut-off!

Right now, it’s all about Christmas. Can you believe it’s only a couple of weeks away? We’re working hard to get your MMMORE Giving boxes to where they need to be, pronto, so act fast to avoid missing those pesky shipping cut off dates (for us, it’s December 15).

Have the most beautiful holiday season with loved ones and luscious food aplenty. We’d love to make your festivities that little bit more joyous with gifts that taste good, feel good and do good.

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