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Meet your maker - she's Lenka

MMMORE began with one hungry woman, alone with a food processor.

Once upon a time, healthy treats were hard to find.

There were no bliss balls, raw slices or sugar-free options at your local cafe - it was cake or bust. Mid-afternoon cravings called for a trip to the office vending machine… unless you were “that weirdo” with carrot sticks. Healthy snacks had a reputation for tasting like cardboard, and most people believed that “delicious” and “good for you” were incompatible.

This was Lenka’s pickle.

She wanted to indulge her sweet tooth without hurting her body, but couldn’t find a treat that ticked all the boxes.

So, like any woman with a craving, she took matters into her own hands.




MMMORE started small.

When Lenka struggled to find healthy, nourishing snacks that also hit the spot, she decided to make her own. Bliss balls, raw cakes and slices were her forte, using clever combinations of cashew and cacao, berries and seeds, vanilla bean and coconut to replicate the chewy, fudgy, toothsome textures of ‘naughtier’ treats.

She filled her raw morsels with the very best nuts, seeds, superfoods, freeze dried fruits and natural, low-fructose sweeteners from ethical sources. After all, this was about her health and values: why compromise?

At this stage, her creations were simply for the good of her body, and the happiness of friends and family. She wasn’t thinking big.

However, her enamoured mates urged her to share the love, making a business of her homemade goodies.


“I started by making raw treats for myself and my friends. There was no thought of profit or strategy... it was all about health and flavour. Many people (myself included!) weren’t able to find snacks to meet their nutritional and dietary needs, and didn’t taste blah. As food lover, I thought that was a bit unfair. Everyone should be able to get their hands on feelgood, taste-good treats.”

“My advantage was starting small: I didn't make treats for the masses, and that's why I could source excellent ingredients and craft a high-quality product. Thanks to that, my clientele grew quickly. There was a huge demand for my products because people could taste the love. Suddenly I was working my day job then scurrying home after hours to make raw treats, play with recipes, source ingredients, educate myself about nutrition and talk to people around me to get even more inspiration.”

How to get your hands on MMMORE raw treats?

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