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Meet your maker - she's Lenka

MMMORE began with one hungry woman, alone with a food processor.

She stared at it, it whizzed at her, and in a cloud of cacao and dessicated coconut, Lenka set about concocting the raw food cure for cravings.

She chanted: mmmore sweet treats! less guilt! mmmore real ingredients! less bad GMO juju! Ok, maybe there wasn’t chanting… but there was a steely, sugar-free determination to create the tastiest raw desserts, ever.



Lenka went mad (in a sane way) creating decadent, chewy, crunchy, creamy morsels from whole foods, in combinations to knock your hemp knickers off.

Pink and dreamy raw raspberry and coconut slice with real berries and a blissful biscuity base.

Plant-based power cubes to build biceps - without the whey and spartame. Lemon and chia, fresh mint, peanut butter, hazelnut and cacao - slices to send your grandmama wild!

Lenka found her groove whipping up delightful, healthy treats and awoke each morning to customers chanting mmmore! mmmore! mmmore! (Again with the chanting. You’ll understand when you eat a cashew crunch cube).


And so it was that Lenka - clever, hangry lenka - found the antidote to food guilt hiding in her food processor. (FYI: It’s now available in 21 different flavours and counting.)

How to get your hands on MMMORE raw treats?

Have a look through our online shop or find them in your favourite cafe or your local independent grocer!

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