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Surprise! We now make peanut butter and it’s magical.

You’re marooned on a desert island with only three foods. What would they be?

We love this game, probably because kicking back on a beach with unlimited snacks sounds like our idea of a good time.

Some people go the healthy route: broccoli, chicken, papaya. Others opt for pure indulgence: camembert, sourdough, pinot noir (and yes, wine is food).

However, there’s just one item we’d request on our tropical getaway: peanut butter.
This perfect foodstuff is high in protein, brimming with healthy fats, bursting with antioxidants and shown to be just as cardioprotective as other ‘fancier’ nuts (even though peanuts are a legume). 

Best of all, these benefits come packaged as a roasty, toasty and subtly sweet spread that’s richly satisfying; just as delicious in a smoothie as it is on a spoon.

A good PB is hard to find

Have you ever scrutinised peanut butter labels in the supermarket and discovered vegetable oils, trans fats, fillers and preservatives? (Gasp!) Or brought home an exciting new PB only to recoil at the greasy texture or overly salty flavour? (Blah!) Or wondered where those 540 peanuts that make up the average jar of PB came from anyway? (Hmmm?)

Like all food, the quality of your PB counts.

Peanuts that have spent long amounts of time in transit or been improperly stored can grow a funky little mould that makes aflatoxin, a known human carcinogen. Most mass-produced PBs use the lowest-cost imported peanuts, far more likely to be harbouring moulds than their fresh, local, admittedly more expensive counterparts.

Plus, those added vegetable oils, trans fats and refined sugars aren’t exactly wholesome either, fueling inflammation and metabolic issues like insulin resistance. 

Even the way peanuts are processed can add or subtract from their health benefits. Research has shown that careful roasting actually increases levels of antioxidants and protects vitamin E - pretty cool right? (Other foods like potatoes and tomatoes display this surprising trait, where the correct cooking technique boosts vitamin C and lycopene respectively.)

It’s such a shame that Arachis hypogaea, the humble and healthy peanut, often ends up as a poorly made junk food spread.
Not on our watch!

Fellow peanutbutterlovers, do we have news for you.

We’ve spent years searching supermarket and deli shelves for our ‘desert island’ PB.

Something with lip-smacking creaminess and a toothsome crunch; with complex and nutty flavours, subtle sweetness and a pop of sea salt; a spreadable specimen that isn't filled with bad oils and sugar. Oh, and locally sourced, lovingly made and naturally healthy too.

And do you think we could find it?

So we dreamed up a PB to meet our lofty standards of health, integrity and flavour - then set to work. It’s our covid baby (everyone’s having one!) born of creativity and courage, the kind you discover in the middle of a global pandemic.

Even though raw treats have been our thing since we started in 2015, we felt it was high time to apply everything we’ve learned about flavour and texture and whole food alchemy to a brand new product.

Range of products, we should say. Because it’s not just one PB we’re unveiling... it’s five!

Meet five wildest-dream PB flavours

You know us. We’re obsessed with flavour and refuse to believe that ‘good for you’ equals ‘boring’. So not only did we agonise over the creation of our Classic Crunch PB - a golden-roasted, crunchy-yet-creamy, sea-salted sensation - we went ahead and dressed it up in four naturally delicious ways.

If you’re a choc-coated-pretzel kinda person, you’ll go wild for PB Chocolate, where the nuttiness of peanut butter meets organic cacao, coconut oil and brown rice syrup for a rich and regret-free chocolatey treat.

For maple syrup fans, PB Maple is sweeter than a stack of weekend pancakes - mainly because it’s 1000 times healthier. We combined the roasty goodness of peanut butter with pure, organic maple syrup for a spread you’ll want to slather on everything.

Love coconut? So do peanuts. The sweet, chewy and tropical vibe of organic coconut pairs perfectly with golden peanut butter, making our PB Coconut a spread that tastes like summer and your favourite bliss balls cubes. (Plus the combo of medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) from peanuts is ah-mazing for satiation and cellular health.)

And if salted caramel is your thing, you can now enjoy it sans guilt (which is French for “hands off my jar of PB”). Using natural and healthy ingredients like organic brown rice syrup, celtic sea salt and a base of caramelly peanut butter, our PB Salted Caramel tastes just like the real thing. Chouette!


What else is special about MMMORE PB? 

There’s no comparison between a just-picked backyard tomato grown in rich soil and ripened by the sun, and its watery store-bought cousin. The same goes for PB.
Here at MMMORE, we’re all about that special somethin’ you can taste in foods made slowly, mindfully, in itty bitty batches and without cheap fillers. That’s why we do everything ourselves. No contract manufacturing or repackaging a ready-to-go product. Our PB is a labour of love.

First, we source premium quality Australian peanuts in smaller quantities so they’re always fresh and local growers get the support they deserve. Then they’re dry roasted by our trusted supplier before being sent speedily to us.

When we receive our golden goodies, it’s time to make magic. Rather than an industrial-sized pulveriser, we have a boutique mill to which we add small batches of peanuts and watch as they’re ground to the perfect texture: toothsome, buttery and endlessly spreadable.

And when it comes to ‘flavouring’ our PB fam, we carry on the MMMORE tradition of using pure, largely raw, always organic superfoods like cacao, real maple syrup and coconut oil, mixing them by hand according to our unique recipes.

Philosophically satisfying PB

We’re thiiiiiis excited to share our five finger-licking, swaggalicious, slather-on-everything PBs with you, proving that treats made with integrity just taste better.

Besides filling a gap on the shelves for a locally made and boldly flavoured PB (that’s positively therapeutic), our aspiration is to set an example for other brands and makers.

We want to show that small batch is beautiful - even if it is more labour intensive; that premium local ingredients and earth-friendly packaging (see: home-compostable cube wrappers) may cost us extra, but nourish people and planet in ways you can’t put a price on; that taking the time to create mouthwatering whole food recipes makes healthy eating easy and a happier world inevitable. 

Now, where’s that desert island?

If you want to get your mitts on one (or five) of our brand spankin’ new PBs, click here to shop online or find a stockist near you.